Monday, May 31, 2010


I sit here rocking back and forth,
my mind racing with thoughts
of things that are, things that have been
and wondering of things to come.
What will be my fate?
What is my true purpose?
Why do things happen as they do?
I wonder about the flow of events.
We think we have control
or at least hope we do.
Is this really so-
or are we being moved around blindly,
like pawns on a chess board?
Fate can be cruel I've learned,
putting us in situations of no control.
But still, we learn from this.
We grow and we strive,
to become better, to overcome,
to be stronger in character and virtue.
So perhaps what we think of as cruelty
is merely just another process
of knowledge, growth and wisdom,
a special insight into ourselves.
Yet we continue on blindly,
believing we have been wronged,
listening not to instinct, listening not to our heart,
but to the voice in our head
that continues to lead us blindly,
away from our path,
away from our true purpose,
along the road that leads only in circles,
taking us back to the same place,
to continue to make the same mistakes,
over and over again.

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