Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dream Walker (working title) Chapter One Excerpt

I blinked my eyes open, disoriented at first, unsure where I was or how I had gotten here. The golden brown eyes of my tormentor haunted me again through the night, gazing into my soul, breaking through the blackness of my dreamless sleep, waking me again. He had to be a dream. How could a man so hauntingly beautiful be real? He seemed real though. I could still feel his presence, his scent still lingered faintly in the air. Was that just imagined too?

I looked around slowly, realizing finally that it was my home I was in. The forest green curtains hanging over my bedroom window billowed slightly in the morning breeze. Odd, I didn't usually keep my windows open at night. Before the sun went down, I always went through the house meticulously making sure everything was locked up. Was I too preoccupied with that phone call I had received last night to remember to do that before I left? How had I gotten home anyway?

The phone call had been from Allen, the FBI agent I had called in to with an anonymous tip about a missing child months ago. He said only that he needed my help again and that he would pick me up at six. So much for anonymity. It all seemed so secretive, the perfect distraction to take my mind off the golden eyed man that had been haunting me since, well, since after I had used my unique abilities to locate a missing child.

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